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When you donate to the Trail Running Film Festival, you are directly supporting the filmmakers, creatives, and staff who commit their blood, sweat, tears and time to telling the inspiring stories that define our culture.

Donors have the option to contibute to general operations, or earmark their donation for filmmakers or our work towards diversity, equity and inclusion.

Our Mission to celebrate running as a universal practice to explore our collective and individual potential and pursue our wildest dreams.

We accomplish this by documenting the culture of trail running, supporting filmmakers and creatives, and hosting events that bring our community together.


We are committed to promoting inclusivity, adventure, wilderness, art, and diversity across the trail and ultra community.

It all began... the Orcas Island 50k/25k in the late 2000's. On the chilly nights before and after the race we'd hunker down in the lodge and watch trail running DVDs on a TV. Those nights inspired the first theatre shows, which eventually grew into the national tour and now the introduction of virtual shows, film commissions, and film camp.

What can we say? We love sharing the stoke. 🔥



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