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Filmmaker Grant Applications Closed for the 2023 Festival

Stay tuned for opportunities in 2023.

The 2022 Film Festival Grant provides support and funding to films that tell captivating stories and expand the narratives told about the sport of trail running. Filmmakers of all experience levels are encouraged to apply, whether you're an aspiring filmmaker working to up your game, or you're an established filmmaker with a creative idea in need of funding. Please answer the following questions to the best of your ability. Our hope is that this grant initiates new professional growth for the recipients and the beginning of a lasting relationship with the Trail Running Film Festival!


The grant is available in three funding tiers.

Festival Length
  • $100-500 - New equipment, new software, funds for a short and simple film, etc.

  • $500-1,000 - Additional funding for an already partially funded film, additional equipment, additional staffing, etc.

Feature Length

  • The Film Festival team has aid available for filmmakers looking to develop and fund a feature length project. Available aid includes development aid from our filmmaker team, financial aid, brand sponsorship matchmaking, and distribution.

  • To apply for the feature film support, fill out the "feature support" section of the grant application.

Applicants may select the funding level that best suits the needs of their project.


  • Amateur through professional experience with media/film

  • Priority will be given to films that deepen and diversify the narratives told about our sport.

To be considered, we ask the following:

  • Pitch us! How would the grant enable your work?

  • What stories are you passionate about sharing?

  • How does your work support or celebrate the communities you are focused on?


The Trail Running Film Festival is committed to being active collaborators working towards an equitable future where everyone-—all ethnicities and races, all genders, all sexual orientations, all religions, all countries of origin, all languages, all abilities, and all ages--is celebrated on trails and within our broader culture.

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