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Each Trail Running Film Festival event is a unique opportunity for the trail and running industries to connect with thousands of trail running enthusiasts. ​Sponsors interested in working with the Trail Running Film Festival can sponsor a specific event or film, or work with the film festival team on long term collaborations. 

Our team works with filmmakers in-house and around the globe to create films that capture the essence of trail running culture. From the epic vistas that inspire us to the gear that carries us there, our crew excels at telling stories that inspire . Each project presents unique opportunities to let your products speak. 

Original Content

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Hidden Gems

The Hidden Gems series is a celebration of the lands we run on and an of what it means to be alive through the stories the land tells. 

Episode 1: War -Eagle Loop in the Sawtooth Backountry

Episode 2: Coming soon! 

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Mountain Missteps

The "Mountain Missteps" series pairs real accidents and injuries in the backcountry with info from professionals on how to prepare for and respond to these situations when they occur.

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You have more
to give, Doug

Doug McKeever is a Northwest ultra running legend. His resume includes top 20 placing at Hard Rock and Wasatch, a sub-24hr at Western States and co-founding the Chuckanut 50k . After a 10 year hiatus from racing in 2017, he made a comeback and realized he had "more to give".

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